Hadas Kotek

Apple Park, Cupertino, CA
hkotek at alum.mit.edu

I am a Linguist working at Apple. My role involves improving Siri’s Natural Language Understanding. I received my PhD in Linguistics from MIT in 2014, with a dissertation on the syntax, semantics, and processing of questions. Prior to joining Apple, I was a Lecturer in Semantics at Yale, a Visiting Assistant Professor in Syntax at NYU, and I have held a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship at McGill University. My main research specialty lies in generative syntax and its interaction with formal semantics. The goal of my research is to develop an understanding of the inventory of the tools available to the language faculty for the construction of natural language utterances and for their interpretation: What strategies are employed during structure building in the syntax? What additional machinery must the semantics provide in order to interpret these structures? How does this inventory vary cross-linguistically, and how does it manifest itself in online sentence processing? My research employs a variety of experimental techniques, supplemented by elicitation work and traditional judgment work. Some of my recent research topics include the syntax and semantics of wh-questions, Association with Focus, relative clauses, ellipsis, and comparative and superlative quantifiers.

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