Hadas Kotek

office location: Cambridge, MA
email: hkotek at alum.mit.edu

I am a Linguist working at Apple. I work on data science for natural language annotation projects for the Siri and Language Technologies team. This includes contributing to Siri ontology development and design; leading Named Entity Recognition efforts; co-coordinating and contributing to Data Science and Engineering around various Siri products; establishing metrics to measure annotator productivity, accuracy, and throughput; contributing to new task and tool development around data annotation; and coordinating with vendor project managers, annotators, and Annotation Operations admins.

I additionally continue to engage in research as a Research Affiliate at MIT linguistics. My research focuses on different aspects of the syntax-semantics interface, using both traditional and experimental methods. I mainly work on A-bar phenomena, including wh-questions, focus constructions, relative clauses and free relatives, ellipsis, wh-indefinites, (focus) intervention effects, and comparatives and superlatives. I additionally have an ongoing interest in studying and contributing to equity in the field.

I received my PhD in Linguistics from MIT in 2014, with a dissertation on the syntax, semantics, and processing of questions. Prior to joining Apple, I was a Lecturer in Semantics at Yale, a Visiting Assistant Professor in Syntax at NYU, and I have held a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship at McGill University.

Please visit the about page for more details concerning my research interests and my academic history. See my resume, my academic CV, my MIT linguistics user page, or my LinkedIn page for additional details.

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