McGill Winter 2015 LING 484 “Special Topics 2”

The syntax of ellipsis

Hadas Kotek
Office: 215
Office hours: Tuesdays 1:30–3pm and by appointment

Syllabus PDF (but always see Schedule below for the latest)

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WeekDayTopicReadings (Required)Paper
15/1Introduction: What is ellipsis?
212/1Licensing ellipsisHankamer and Sag (1976), Merchant (2012) p. 1–20
319/1SluicingRoss (1969), Chung et al. (1995), Merchant (2001, §2)
426/1VP-ellipsis and Antecedent Contained DeletionJohnson (2001), Kennedy (1997), Sailor and Thoms (2013)
52/2PseudogappingLasnik (1999), Merchant (2008a)
69/2GappingJohnson (2009), Coppock (2001)
716/2Strict & sloppy identity in VP-ellipsis Heim and Kratzer (1998) ch.9, Hestvik (1995) p. 211–223
823/2Voice mismatches in ellipsisMerchant (2013), Merchant (2001, §1), Williams (1977), Thoms (2013)
92/3No class: Study break
109/3Island repairs under sluicingMerchant (2008b), Fox and Lasnik (2003), Fox and Pesetsky (2005)
1116/3Against island repairsBarros et al. (To appear), Barros (2012)Paper sketch due
1223/3Parsing of ellipsisXiang et al. (2014), Frazier and Clifton (2001)
1330/3No class: Hadas is out of townArregui et al. (2006), Hackl et al. (2012)
146/4No class: Easter MondayRooth (1992); Rooth (1996), Kadmon (2001)
1513/4Student presentations!Shimoyama (2006)Final paper due

The class also covered three how-to topics:
How to choose a topic for a seminar paper (week 5)
How to read a linguistics paper (week 6)
How to write a linguistics paper (week 11)